9+ Great Ecommerce Conferences To Attend In 2022

Of course, as a leader in security, we’d be remiss not to include our own .conf! We are proud that Splunk helps keep organizations secure and resilient with our unified security and observability platform. Our .conf is an extension of our passion for our customers and our offerings. The location of the event is actually confidential until the week of the conference. Attendees come from all industries, including the federal government, who obviously have a massive stake in hacking as a means to protect their networks. Other smaller “cons” or conventions pop up during the event, with notable ones including Queercon, Quietcon and Linecon.

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ECommerce conferences in the USA are the largest gathering of professional leaders, retailers, investors, and panels. Also, the US has a wide range of funding sources such as angel investors, venture capitalists, banks, and investment companies. This three-day event offers insight seminars, fun activities, and engaging conversations with leading personalities in the digital world. For two days of masterclasses and networking, Ecom World will bring together the most creative entrepreneurs, sharpest thinkers, and ground-breaking DTC brands — all from the convenience of your home. The Nashville eCommerce Summit is a conference for retail professionals in the Nashville area. You would meet eCommerce and retail experts, vendors, policymakers, and brand ambassadors from the local community.

Keynote speakers will include technology and industry leaders, and there will also be vendor exhibits, technical sessions, and professional development tutorials. Anyone who develops or uses Modeling and Simulation methods and tools is invited to participate or present their original contributions during the conference. You’re able to connect in-person and virtual attendees through event apps and technology.

They will provide opportunities for local community meetups and skill building with Microsoft Learn and certifications. Sophisticated virtual event platforms were built with this understanding, so they allow for networking chances at every turn. Too difficult to keep virtual attendees engaged, especially when it comes to holding a multi-day conference.

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This is among a few testing conferences offering a variety of workshops, presentations, and testing sessions with a team of testing technocrats on a local and international basis. With the best theme selection, speakers, and topics to delve upon, they are into offering the most inspirational and exciting tester sessions with a high-end level of knowledge and diverse expertise. Last year marked its fourth annual conference and included three days of workshops and panels led by leading women of color in sales. In addition to offering sales career advice, other workshops tackled wellness topics like managing your emotional health, taking care of your physical health and balancing your workday.

Technology & Design Hailed as “the ultimate open source technology event,” Red Hat Summit has big plans for 2021. Starting with an immersive virtual experience, attendees will be able to hear the latest news, ask questions to tech experts, and hear from customers around the world. The best part about swag for virtual events is that you can mail them swag packages filled with branded gifts. The Grow NY conference is a two-day event focused on small-scale direct-to-consumer businesses.


Articles, blogs, videos Thought leadership, industry insights and Tanium news, all in one place. Tanium empowers teams to manage and protect mission-critical networks with complete, accurate and real-time data. In addition to the typical mix of keynotes, roundtable discussions and workshops, attendees can also take advantage of the location to go on hikes Annual IT Conference or just enjoy the nature escape. Brian Nordli is a Built In senior staff reporter covering trends in sales and account management. Prior to joining Built In in 2018, he has worked as a staff reporter for the Las Vegas and Reno Gazette-Journal. This hacking conference is Top Secret and it’s held specifically for the local hacking culture in Chicago.

  • Advisors, mentors, coaches, and technical leaders are driven to accelerate the development of the next generation of leaders and organizations.
  • After hosting a virtual conference last year, Leadership Summit aims to tackle all of those topics and more in person this year.
  • You should be able to discuss subjects such as leadership vision and style during meals and breaks.
  • The conference takes place over four days and features several keynote speakers as well as track sessions where attendees can seek help implementing the frameworks presented into their own business practices.
  • Our specially curated list includes both in-person and virtual events that feature renowned Christian thought leaders and practitioners from across the globe.

Attendees can participate in main stage talks, panel debates, fireside conversations, academy classes, product demos, networking events, and more. Technology & Health Listen to experts who will share how to use AI in health companies large and small. From practical examples and real-world case studies, learn how AI is delivering more productive and efficient care. Best of all, you can participate in interactive Q&As and roundtable discussions. Network with peers around the world to learn new operating models and work to make your business as resilient as possible — with optimal growth. Speakers include experts from Goldman Sachs, Sprint, Twitter, and AT&T.

The conference features several keynote speakers from top technology companies to share tips and insight on how to build the software products of the future. The event is hosted by Product School, a tech business school providing a diverse curriculum for the next generation of product management professionals. A leadership conference is an event that brings together company executives and experts to discuss leadership, collaboration, and other workplace challenges. The event gives leaders the chance to learn about the newest e-commerce trends, innovative company models, and how to build the perfect workplace. More importantly, leadership conferences provide a platform for CEOs to connect with other leaders in the industry. Prepare for behind-the-scenes case studies from leading engineering firms, practical guidance and frameworks, and community networking with global professionals.

Every major fintech infrastructure company will be in attendance to share knowledge and connect with the community. The coronavirus pandemic has changed everything and companies that will not adapt to the new normal will fail. FinTech Junction is a global community that brings together business and tech leaders from banks, financial institutions, fintechs, startups & investors. Their annual conference and bi-monthly meetups & virtual conferences present the best fintech solutions that enable businesses to stay relevant. Digitally meet international industry experts and discuss trends impacting Asian fintech through an immersive online platform. Learn from and network with the start-ups, tech platforms, financial institutions, regulators, and investors redefining financial services across Asia and beyond.

In fact, this event is so local that it has remained small, non-profit and non-commercial, with rarely more than a couple thousand in attendance. Known across the cybersecurity landscape, RSA Conference bills itself as “Where the world talks about security”. RSA Conference in June 2022 was a great affair, and they’ve already announced the 2023 dates for their marquee event – which you can register interest for now. RSA is committed to sharing a world of diverse knowledge in security, which is why the theme for RSAC 2023 is “Stronger Together”.

Plus, check out our list of the best virtual events and conferences to attend and be inspired by in 2022. The Testμ Conference 2022 aims to unite developers, software testers, community builders, and influencers to give a glimpse of the future of testing and what would accelerate its potential. You will also see a panel of experts to discuss test orchestration to team culture upliftment, all under a single roof. The topics would be unit testing, API testing, test automation, mobile testing, cross browser testing, visual regression testing, and accessibility testing.

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LDI is great for a variety of professionals, including church leaders and pastors. This might involve tracking the amount of time and resources spent on certain projects, as well as regulating cycle time and pull request size. The IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Conference , founded in 2014, aims to inspire, engage, and progress women in technology, whether in industry, academia, or government. Advisors, mentors, coaches, and technical leaders are driven to accelerate the development of the next generation of leaders and organizations. Patrick Kua is a seasoned IT executive with more than 20 years of expertise. Digit is a gathering place for the developer community to get together and celebrate the finest of the software industry.

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With the tagline “not just another webinar,” Running Remote’s virtual platform has advanced features to push for meaningful human bonds. Finance This independent accounting and finance conference has blossomed to include more than 7,000 attendees and 100 expert speakers. Topic areas include digital innovation, accounting and bookkeeping, practice management, and taxes. You’ll learn the best practices from top brands on everything from data and personalization to marketing automation.

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Aimed at everyone from beginners to experts, attendees say they leave with fresh ideas and new skills. Technology & Design Considered one of the world’s biggest tech conferences, Collision is a highly anticipated event with more than 40,000 attendees around the world. With a constant stream of quick sessions ranging https://wizardsdev.com/ from technology and digital media to culture, music, and politics, Collision believes in the simple power of bringing everyone together. A statement from Microsoft said in place of its usual Ignite Tour, they are leveraging the benefits of virtual events to bring the global Microsoft community together.

DT&L emphasizes evidence-based practice and innovation within distance and online learning. Education This annual, international conference is a forum for all things related to innovation and education. Live keynotes, Q&As, workshops, and virtual sessions will define a week of cutting-edge research aimed at educators and researchers. Running Remote held its first event in 2018, and with the swap to virtual events in 2020, the company’s new goal was to design an experience that breaks barriers and aligns with everyone’s emotional worlds.

The participatory nature of the sessions encourages participants to share their thoughts and views. The conference covers talent management, leadership development, mentorship, and approaches to fight bias. Attendees can expect to hear from world experts sharing leading information about the latest developments in healthcare technology and innovation. Engage, connect and create partnerships with leaders in digital health, learn about the latest developments and advances in technology, and be inspired by other leading innovators. The conference will be two days full of inspiring speakers, unique learning formats, insightful talks and networking opportunities. Learn how virtual conferences work, which key components you need to include to really stand out in your field, and how going hybrid may be the trick in a post-pandemic world.

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Last year’s speakers discussed how AWS solves today’s difficult technology problems and how they think differently about reliability and efficiency. Called “the world’s largest technology conference,” Web Summit aims to bring together the people and companies redefining the global tech industry. Speakers this year include tennis player Serena Williams and leaders from Zoom, Facebook, PayPal, and 23andMe. Technology The North American Open Source Summit, scheduled for August, was cancelled due to the pandemic. The company then decided to shift its efforts instead to the European event, which now has taken on a global focus and become a hybrid event.


These often come with lower price tags and access to knowledge that doesn’t require travel. The event includes presentations by featured speakers as well as working sessions focused on achieving specific goals. In past years, speakers have come from companies like Uber, Square, and Google. Some of this year’s highlighted speakers include Jason Fried, Co-Founder and CEO of Basecamp, and Megan Quinn, General Partner at Spark Capital — which supports companies like Oculus, Slack, and Twitter. Work session topics include achieving product-market fit, questioning your assumptions, and the jobs-to-be-done framework.