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With regards to the statement that a pump and dump group was responsible for the September dump, i made sure to include a link to the reservoir wallet. Which shows that all coin were moved the day before the dump, so that pretty much renders this comment nil. Without providing legitimate answers for this, all it entails is a coercion with convery to scam new investors. We have dapps goals examples set up desktop wallets to hold development reserve funds from donations and or any income the platform may earn from staking or advertising. If you already blindly bought in, then my quips is not for you, rather it’s mean’t for that dedicated investor researching the coin before investing. I rather make sure, they have all the info, and what they do with that is up to them.

We have applied for listings at two additional exchanges including one Chinese and a UK-based exchange . For those of you that are interested and want to peruse, here is a small sample of my post that was deleted. I couldn’t save it all, like i said, this has been going on since august, but here is a small sample. Advertised sites are not endorsed by the Bitcoin Forum. They may be unsafe, untrustworthy, or illegal in your jurisdiction.


Total cryptocurrency trading volume in the last day is at $53.6 Billion. Bitcoin dominance is at 38.3% and Ethereum dominance is at 16.3%. CoinGecko is now tracking 13,234 cryptocurrencies. Popular trends of the industry right now are DeFi and Play to Earn. He also state that the dev rebutted my claim about him initiating the August dump, but i really don’t have to show any more proof that it’s a lie.

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A month later, a coin that i spent 0.75 BTC to purchase OTC Droxne was intentionally crashed by the coin’s Dev within 2 weeks of the coin hitting the exchange. Enivid Life Sciences is a rapidly growing Pharma PCD and Pharma Franchise company in India. Franchise or PCD marketing has emerged as a key marketing strategy for pharmaceutical companies recently.

  • Wood i already posted my wallet to show that i still own those coins i purchased that am not some guy that sold of my coins for cheap and is intentionally trying to sabotage whatever you trying to pull off.
  • I made a comment on the thread, and my post was immediately deleted and the thread was locked by up again.
  • For instance, if the 24h volume for Ethereum is $15 billion, it means that $15 billion worth of Ether had changed hands across all exchanges in the last 24 hours.
  • That’s not a reason to support a scam project that could potentially rip several other individuals off.

How do you plan to protect the new investors you courting from Convery? What is to say he won’t come back and dump the coin price soon as it gain momentum. How do you plan to protect the new investors you courting from this dev?

All crypto they are saying scam but keep on investing why not stop instead of making noise create your own coin project . Well, i will make sure to end every post, with the comment below, cos am sure you guys will rather have this buried. But, i think this comments about a new team is the dev working behind the scene to spit shine a turd, and am not going to allow it. The dev has stated he no longer owns any coins. What this down comes to is do you believe in the new team @Anhtatsu, @wood299 and our attempts to rescue this coin?

In the event of a fork, the longest chain with the most difficulty wins and will accrue most of the market value. If you have any doubts about this please see the price charts and hash rates for Bitcoin versus Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin has most of the hash rate and most of the market value. You can create a new topic if you are unsatisfied with this one. If the topic-starter is scamming, post about it in Scam Accusations.

Why should they invest in the coin when that dev still owns a large majority of the coin and will just come back and crash and swindle the new investor. The guy who is warning others about info that is been brushed under the mat is clearly looking out for himself. The guy who could just shut up and hopefully recoup some of the thousands i lost on this coin but rather speak against the atrocities is only thinking about himself. Am sorry, you didn’t do enough research before investing but that not a reason to keep quiet so you can shill and dump useless coins on unsuspecting investors. So when someone can provide an honest reason for hyping this coin, which doesn’t involve the new investors getting fucked by the dev, then i will recede with the comments.

-80 Million Coins

I logged into the slack channel under an alternate account and verified that Convery just logged on less than 24hrs ago. CoinGecko provides a fundamental analysis of the crypto market. In addition to tracking price, volume and market capitalisation, CoinGecko tracks community growth, open-source code development, major events and on-chain metrics. You can track over 10,000 crypto prices on CoinGecko across more than 50 currencies.

The entire amount in the reservoir was sold within a day. I suspected that Convery was moving the coin to different accts through Cryptopia. It was impossible to trace the coin movt if he utilized an exchange. However, if he moved it from one wallet to another, then it will be easily traced. I wasn’t sure why he was doing that but i suspected he had a motive. DROXNE is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency gaming platform which uses DRXNE as its in-game currency.

Report to moderator Every time a block is mined, a certain amount of BTC is created out of thin air and given to the miner. The subsidy halves every four years and will reach 0 in about 130 years. However, it quite irritating to see this individuals try to manipulate forum members by portraying my homeland as been synonyms to deceitfulness. By early Sept due to the accusation placed on Convery, and his decision not to address it, the buy orders for Droxne dried up.

  • Also, if one choose to look, they can easily locate my email address on this thread and with the name attached to the email, they can see that i live in the States and work in Healthcare.
  • Some cryptocurrency projects may appear to have inflated market cap through price swings and the tokenomics of their supply.
  • Vector droxne crypto currency coin pictogram.
  • I wasn’t sure why he was doing that but i suspected he had a motive.

Convery sold the coin for a minimum of 1000 sat to those investors who bought up to 5 btc worth and 2k – 3k sats to individuals who couldn’t afford to buy 5 BTC worth. The exchange of DROXNE to Solomon Islands dollar at the real exchange rate for today is October 18, 2022. The cryptocurrency exchange rate has an average value per day according to the results of trading on the exchange and is set for the whole day by crypto market. Cryptocurrency exchange is carried out in crypto markets or crypto markets online at the crypto market rate based on the official exchange rate displayed on this page.


Finally, he stopped logging on to BTCT forum and for approximately one month, he was absent from BTCT thread. However, he stayed active on Slack and kept commenting about working on a game to compliment the coin. I was present daily hyping the coin on this thread, slack and on topia when it got listed. I actually sent the first info to get this coin listed on coin market cap, so when you make sly comments about “our thread” or the dumb comment from the poster below you, it looks really silly to me. Just to be clear well designed blockchains are decentralized, there is no one person that flips a switch and controls a coin.


Some of you might also recognize my name from the first Nebule scam attempt. They were attempting to con individuals to send btc to a multi-signature address in other to claim their coin. I deduced that their plan was to essentially force a recipient to pay a ransom in other to release the BTC. So, i literally stayed up all night and kept reposting my comment on their thread cos they kept deleting it.

Droxne (DRXNE)

We have assumed control of the social media accounts, developed a roadmap for future development and have a website under construction. The management team has elected not to make any changes to the wallet software at this time since the blockchain has been functioning within expectations with attractive staking and increasing network weight. The other method of distribution prior to an exchange was thru OTC.

  • They claimed that Convery has left and owns no more coin, so they have chosen to form a new team to take over from Convery.
  • Cos lo and behold you get called a fudder for telling the truth.
  • Bitcoin has most of the hash rate and most of the market value.
  • My comment was deleted and prior question was also deleted.

Transcrypt offers to individuals and professionals the ability to exchange and store a variety of crypto assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum. Transcrypt holds European cryptocurrency license. DROXNE is the #1605 largest cryptocurrency by market cap as of October 18, 2022, with a market cap of $23,930.79 USD.

They all declined and stated that there was nothing they could do about it. Compared to the accounts that that have been on Bitcointalk forum since 09-16, I am a technically a newbie on BitcoinTalk forum. We believe that crytpocurrency and the gaming indusrty combination will be the next ground breaking revolution in our time.

As such, it is best to use this metric as a reference alongside other metrics such as trading volume, liquidity, fully diluted valuation, and fundamentals during your research process. Hunter i will be in denial if i said am not angry and there is no hatred directed towards convery. If you bought a coin at 3000 sat and watch the dev intentionally dump it down to 18 sat, you will be angry too.

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As aforementioned, the team had claimed that Convery already left and owned no more coin. However, CoinCollector006 accidentally forgot their prior quip and requested that Convery donated some coin to their development fund, when i asked questions in regard to that, it was immediately deleted. Keep in mind, no proof was provided for this info, we were just suppose to believe it of face value.

A look through my trust will show that i had nothing but positive trust on this thread before the Padideo scam group intentionally released the malicious extortion claim. Coins was taken out few hrs before this dump occurred. You may notice that cryptocurrencies listed on different exchanges have different prices. CryptoRank provides crowdsourced and professionally curated research, price analysis, and crypto market-moving news to help market players make more informed trading decisions. If you’re looking for a set of practical and insightful crypto market information and data, we have the analytics tools to suit your business needs.

In case you wondering, i invested 0.95btc with this dev and my total coin is now worth 0.0234btc, so if anyone should be screaming for help it should be me. So you should be mindful of whom to trust on this thread. A lot of ppl will say whatever just to transfer their losses unto you. A new management team has formed and jump started development including a new website, social media sites and white paper for Phase I. Since we started working the price has stabilized and returned from the brink. But thanks for offering the free hosting, website maintenance, exchange listing and platform costs.

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I do expect to receive some hate for this post and my continuous fight against Droxne. Several members on the thread are not happy with my constant quips, they rather i play docile, let the coin grow, so they can sell for a profit. None seem to care about the loss the future investors will accrue, when Convery dumps the price again. The only reply i received was from Tross and he basically told me to quit complaining and join their quest, so i can get my investment back.